Thursday, April 7, 2011

GK Termi Magnetization Tutorial

This image presents all of what I used during the course of all of this master-level hobbywork.

I glue the chest piece together, nothing else at this point.  Once glued together I drill a hole directly in the middle of the helmet-cavity of the chestpiece.  The very nice thing about this size of magnet and drill-bit is that they're perfectly sized for one another.  You drill a small hole with this bit and a magnet will fit snuggly within.  This prevents me from really needing to use green stuff when placing every magnet, once you have one of these magnets in one of these holes with some super glue you're not getting it out without carving the thing apart.

I personally use my sprue nipper and shave off the rounded bottom of the helmet, then file it down a bit.  I simply glue a magnet right onto it and it works well enough.  If you don't file this down far enough the helmet is going to look goofy and too highly raised. 

This is how I test the proper polarity of my magnets and also how I place them.  I just place a dab of glue on the hole I've made, push the magnet in and slide the bit away to the side, removing the magnet from the drill-bit and leaving it cozy in it's hole.

Completed chest-piece and helmets.

 I'll generally spin the drill bit placed against the model just to get it centered as I need it and to score the plastic so the bit can gain purchase more easily. PS: This was my one model out of the 5 terminators who will be the interchangeable heavy weapons guy.  Which was actually the most challenging. The different heavy weapons have awkward gaps in it, took some green stuff to pull off.

Shallow hole complete.

Glue that sucka

Pop the magnet in.  Easy enough.

For the heavy-weapons I basically filled the rectangular holes in the side of the weapon with green stuff, placed the second magnet on top of the terminator's arm - Pressed the two pieces together so that the magnet gets lodged in it's proper place in the green stuff, and slid the gun to the side, leaving the magnet in it's proper place in the green stuff.

These heavy weapons don't fit as snuggly as I'd like, but it's really not noticeable for the most part.  PS : Check out how I butchered drilling the barrel in my psycannon.  I raged.

Weapon-arm and weaponry complete.

The melee weapon-arm has been the easiest magnet-job I've seen.  All of the weapons are hand-to-wrist.  Simply drill a shallow hole in the middle, pop in the magnets, and you're done. Perfect fit every time.

This sword looks lopsided. :|

That's really all there is to it.


  1. looks cool and the heavy weps seem quite simple to do! Don't think I have a steady enough hand or the patience for the wrist magnets but I'll deff give the arm mounted weapons a go. nice job

  2. Awesome tutorial, man. Thank you for this. I'm on my second box of GK Terminators and I as I clipped, I thought "How the hell can I magnetize these?"

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Glad it was of use!