Friday, April 27, 2012

1,500 Necrons Vs. Dark Eldar - GLORIOUS RETURN

So I'm back in the game with the new Crons.  Played a game recently with Gabe's DE.  Here's a batrep!

Finally got around to playing a game at a local store with a friend of mine.  I brought along my roomies camera (which I will use more efficiently next time, I had no idea I had it set to focus on so little of what I was aiming at).

Deployment : Spearhead
Mission : Annihilation


Overlord - WS/SW/MSS 
Overlord - WS/RO/SW/MSS
Court - Harbringer of Destruction
           Harbringer of Destruction
           Harbringer of Despair - Veil (Proxied as a white firewarrior)
Court - Harbringer of Eternity - Chronometron (Proxied as an orange firewarrior)
           Lord - WS/RO/SW

7x Lychguard (Overlord with RO, Despairtek, and Eternitek go here)          
8x Warriors in Ghost Ark (Destrutek and Lord go here)
9x Warriors in Ghost Ark (Destrutek goes here)
Annihilation Barge


Dark Eldar

Archon - Phantasm grenade launcher
3x Haemonculi

5 Incubi in a Raider - Flickerfield/Disentegrator (Archon goes here)

4x Truborn in a Venom - Additional splinter cannon
9x Wyches in a Raider - Flickerfield (Homunculus goes here)
9x Wyches in a raider - Flickerfield (Homunculus goes here)
9x Wyches in a raider - Flickerfield (Homunculus goes here)

Ravager - Flickerfield
Ravager - Flickerfield


DE win the roll-off and choose to deploy first.  I choose to come in from reserve, fail to seize initiative.

Turn 1 

Dark Eldar

All vehicles swoop towards my board-edge.


Turn 2 

Dark Eldar

More repositioning, most of his vehicles take up a position almost hugging my board edge.


I roll for reserves : My annihilation barge and ghost ark containing the lord come in.
My barge opens up on the nearest ravager, causing it to explode.
My Ark fires on the nearest raider holding a wych squad - no damage is done.


Turn 3 

Dark Eldar

Wyches disembark very near to my ghost ark.
His other vehicles are repositioned in such a way as they surround my annihilation barge.

The trueborn with blasters fire on the ghost ark, immobilizing it.
The Wyches run to surround the ark as completely as they can.

Wyches assault the ghost ark and cause it to explode using haywire grenades - 3 wyches are killed in the explosion, 2 Necron warriors go down and do not get back up.



My other ghost ark comes in from reserve, as does my command barge.
My command barge comes on the board, flying over the venom containing the trueborn, sweep attacks cause it to explode, killing one trueborn.

My freshly arrived ghost ark moves onto the board 6" directly behind the other ravager.  One gauss array, 9x warriors, and my destrutek fire into the rear of the reaver... and do nothing. -_-
My Annihilation barge fires on the Raider containing the Archon, wrecking it.
My recently disembarked warriors (From the exploded ark) fire on the remaining wyches, killing 3 of them.


Turn 4

Dark Eldar

The disembarked trueborn move towards my command barge.
The disembarked Archon unit moves towards my unharmed ghost ark.
A squad of wyches disembark from their raider, moving towards my annihilation barge.
The whittle squad of wyches move towards my warrior squad, preparing to assault.

The trueborn fire on the command barge, failing to pen.
His ravager opens up on the crippled ghost ark, failing to harm it.
The Archon unit decides to back off from the unharmed ghost ark, taking cover behind the large sphinx terrain.

The wyches assault my warrior squad - killing 3 warriors, I inflict no wounds back.  My unit stands strong, 2 warriors get back up.
The other wych squad assaults my annihilation barge, exploding it with their grenades - 3 wyches are vaporized.



My big Overlord/Lychguard squad deepstrike in (Correct me here if this is illegal, can an Overlord deepstrike in with this unit initially?) near the wyches which destroyed my annihilation barge.

My ghost ark repositions to unleash a volley from both arks into differing vehicles.
My Overlord disembarks from his Command barge, intent on slicing some trueborn apart.

One of the ghost ark's arrays, along with it's occupants (warriors/destrutek) fire on the ravager, once again doing nothing (Throwing piles of d6 for the gauss flayers, BUT NOTHING!).  The other array fires at a nearby raider, but it does nothing.
My despairtek fires it's template at the wyches, but inflicts no wounds.

My overlord charges the trueborn - he passes his LD test for the mindshackle scarabs, and no wounds are inflicted from either side.
The wyches kill the remaining warriors, leaving the despairtek by himself.  No wounds are inflicted back, despairtek holds strong, none of the warriors get back up.

-Be strong, my brave boy. :<  (This is one of my despairtek conversions)


Turn 5

Dark Eldar

The third squad of wyches disembark from their raider, and the Archon and his unit hop in.  This raider takes off towards my big HQ unit.
He moves his ravager to the rear of my ghost ark.

The ravager fires at the ghost ark, once again inflicting no damage.
One of his raiders fires on my big HQ unit, inflicting no wounds.
Wyches fire into my HQ unit, inflicting no wounds.

The wyches charge my HQ unit, killing one lychguard before being wiped out in return. Lychguard will stay down.  This unit consolidates towards the nearby raider.
In the other assault, the wyches finish off the lone destrutek, who stays down.
My overlord manages to wipe out the trueborn, taking no wounds in return.  He consolidates back to his cmd barge.



My big HQ unit moves closer to a raider.
My other overlord hops back into his cmd barge, which then moves 18" over the nearest raider, immobilizing it with sweep attacks.
My ghost ark repositions itself again for dual-volleys from the arrays (6").

One of the ark's array, and it's occupants all fire into the ravager again... again doing nothing. My ark and this ravager pretty much spent the entire game shooting at one another and doing nothing.  My other array fires into the Archon's new raider, causing it to explode.  No wounds were caused by the explosion.
My despairtek fires it's template at the Archon's unit, inflicting one wound.  My opponent chooses to take the save on his Archon (has a 2+ invul) and rolls a 1! Killing him instantly due to str.

My big HQ unit assaults the Archon's remaining unit.  Mindshackle scarabs take an Incubi, who turns and kills one incubi, and inflicts a wound to the homunculus who was disembarked from the raider.  The remaining incubi and homunculus fail to inflict any wounds, and my HQ unit kills them all in turn.

We roll to continue, and we do - my opponent chooses to concede at this point.

Necrons win 7 kill points to 3.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Hobby-spirit has left me recently.  When it returns, so shall I.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

GK Termi Magnetization Tutorial

This image presents all of what I used during the course of all of this master-level hobbywork.

I glue the chest piece together, nothing else at this point.  Once glued together I drill a hole directly in the middle of the helmet-cavity of the chestpiece.  The very nice thing about this size of magnet and drill-bit is that they're perfectly sized for one another.  You drill a small hole with this bit and a magnet will fit snuggly within.  This prevents me from really needing to use green stuff when placing every magnet, once you have one of these magnets in one of these holes with some super glue you're not getting it out without carving the thing apart.

I personally use my sprue nipper and shave off the rounded bottom of the helmet, then file it down a bit.  I simply glue a magnet right onto it and it works well enough.  If you don't file this down far enough the helmet is going to look goofy and too highly raised. 

This is how I test the proper polarity of my magnets and also how I place them.  I just place a dab of glue on the hole I've made, push the magnet in and slide the bit away to the side, removing the magnet from the drill-bit and leaving it cozy in it's hole.

Completed chest-piece and helmets.

 I'll generally spin the drill bit placed against the model just to get it centered as I need it and to score the plastic so the bit can gain purchase more easily. PS: This was my one model out of the 5 terminators who will be the interchangeable heavy weapons guy.  Which was actually the most challenging. The different heavy weapons have awkward gaps in it, took some green stuff to pull off.

Shallow hole complete.

Glue that sucka

Pop the magnet in.  Easy enough.

For the heavy-weapons I basically filled the rectangular holes in the side of the weapon with green stuff, placed the second magnet on top of the terminator's arm - Pressed the two pieces together so that the magnet gets lodged in it's proper place in the green stuff, and slid the gun to the side, leaving the magnet in it's proper place in the green stuff.

These heavy weapons don't fit as snuggly as I'd like, but it's really not noticeable for the most part.  PS : Check out how I butchered drilling the barrel in my psycannon.  I raged.

Weapon-arm and weaponry complete.

The melee weapon-arm has been the easiest magnet-job I've seen.  All of the weapons are hand-to-wrist.  Simply drill a shallow hole in the middle, pop in the magnets, and you're done. Perfect fit every time.

This sword looks lopsided. :|

That's really all there is to it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Grey Knight Magnetization

About an hour and a half - and a punctured thumb (goddamn hobby drill) later, I've got my first GK terminator magnetized.  Weapons, helmets, and working on a magnet mounted on the backpack (for different iconography - SO MANY CHOICES) will be interchangeable.

This boxed set comes with 5 terminators and a whole lot of choices - the effort is worth it.  As I refine my technique and it's a little more clean - preferably no blood next time - I'll be throwing up a tutorial on this.  Time to get to work on the next termi.
Edit: Here's the second I've done.  These models are amazing.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I'd like to start this post by proclaiming my love for local hobby stores (Especially those who release GW merchandise before it's supposed to be) <3 .

I did a quick and dirty unboxing for you all.  Terminators, and Grey Knights.  The detail on these models drives my nether regions straight to bone-town.