Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre-Tourney Rushing

We're one week away from Coastal Assault 2011, and I'm rushing to get some work in before it arrives. I've been doing a good deal of basing. Touching up my old carnifex, painting my Tervigon, finished up my second brood of hive guard, and almost have my Tyranid Prime conversion in one piece.

Here's some pics of my hasty work

 Need to reapply a very thin coat of stain to the updated highlights on the carapace and he's good to go.

 Trygon Base : still have some touching up to do, and I'll eventually be adding a severed SPAYS MUHREEN body or body-part.

 Second hive guard brood, and bases in progress.

I hope to have my Tervigon painted by the tourney, I know I definitely won't have his base completed. I aim to atleast have my Tyranid Prime in one piece for the tourney. Too much sculpting, I hate sculpting. D:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lil' Ol' 500 Point Batrep

OHMIGOSH, I've actually kept track of the events of a game so I can give a real batrep. Amazing! 

I played a few small games last night against Gabe's budding Dark Eldar army. Played an objective based game on a 4x4 table. 4 Objectives, Dawn of War deployment. Gabe won the roll-off, deciding to deploy and go first.

A note about our lists, also : We both wrote them up hastily on the spot, and as a result we both jacked them up slightly. (I fielded one too many hive guard, he fielded splinter cannons in 9 man Kabalite Warrior troop).

Hive Tendril Orochi : HQ - Tervigon : Catalyst/AG/TS/Scytals
                                 Elites - 2x Hive Guard (3 cause i'm dumb! ^___^)
                                 Troops - 10x Termagants : Devourers (devilgaunts)
                                               13x Hormagaunts : AG

Kabal of the Howling Gale : HQ - Homunculi : Liquifier gun/Power Weapon
                                                        Homonxuli : Liquifier gun/Power Weapon
                                               Troops - 9x Kabalite Warriors : Splinter Cannons/1x Splinter Cannon
                                                             9x Kabalite Warriors : Splinter Cannons/1x Splinter Cannon
                                                              2x Raiders (Splinter Racks, Night Fields)

Dark Eldar Turn 1

Gabe decided to start the game off strong by flying one of his raiders up on top of some ruins on his side of the board. Through sheer Eldar finesse and skill, the raider was immobilized in a stunning display of unfortunate rolling. His other raider flew over to a cluster of large rocks to secure one of the objectives on his side of the board.
His shooting went more fortunately. He unloaded his immobiziled raider's and it's occupants' weaponry into my poor Hormagaunts in the middle, ripping 5 to shreds in a hail of shrapnel. His other raider did the same, targeting my devilgaunts taking refuge inside of the ruins on my side of the board, managing to put down one of my devils.
Tyranids Turn 1
Thanks to Gabe's night fields I knew I'd need to weather a few turns of shooting until I could get into a good position to put a hurting on him. So I spent my first turn working out my Tervigon's inundated belly, creating 8 gaunts, immediately having them run their way towards the other objective amongst the obelisks.
Besides this I just moved my forces forward, my hormagaunts scampered their way nearer to Gabe's precariously parked Raider, my hive guard moved towards the middle of the board, seeking to put their weapons in range of his raider.
My Tervigon began moving towards the left edge of the board, looking to flush out Gabe's other raider, sitting on top of an objective.
2 Objectives on each side of the board

Dark Eldar Turn 2
The only movement during turn 2 was the ridiculous disembarking of Gabe's immobilized Raider atop the ruins. Gabe piled his DE on top of one another in a very illegal fashion, but it was a friendly game, so I didn't care either way. (Plus, this barred him from benefiting from his splinter racks)
His stranded raider and it's freshly dispensed occupants unleashed more hurting on my quickly approaching Hormagaunts, killing 6 more and reducing my brood to a paltry 2.
His other raider, standing strong next to an objective fired another salvo into my devilgaunts inside of my building, killing 3 more.
Tyranids Turn 2
My Tervigon casted Catalyst on itself, produced 8 more guants, and unfortunately rolled doubles while doing so ; resulting in a blown sphincter. No more free gaunts.
My Tervigon and it's new batch of gaunts continue to scamper their way up the left side of the board, approaching one of Gabe's raider's and it's objective. My Hormagaunts and hive guard continue to advance on the immobilized raider on the right side of the board.
My shooting falls short by inches, those night fields seem pretty invaluable. 
My Hormagaunts manage to skitter up the sides of the ruins, meeting Gabe's Kabalite's in combat. My hormies managed to kill one kabalite warrior, payed for by having my two remaining gaunts wiped out.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

Gabe's left-most raider broke from it's position near the boulders and objective, fleeing from the oncoming Tervigon and gaunts.

His Kabalites and Homunculus hopped back into their immobilized raider, taking advantage of it's splinter racks again.

The Immobilized raider and it's occupants took aim at the approaching Tervigon, inflicting 3 wounds to it.
Tyranids Turn 3
Realizing that the way the game was heading, (away from my board edge) I decided to move my devilgaunts out of my building and towards Gabe's freshly abandoned position amongst the boulders to secure the objective. I swung my 8 gaunts back around to take up position in the devilgaunts place, holding the objective.
My Hive guard continued to advance, my Tervigon casts catalyst on itself once more and changes trajectory ; now heading towards the fourth objective amongst the ruins, below Gabe's immobilized raider.
Turn 3 finally saw my Hive Guard near enough to take some shots at the immobilized Raider, and in an impressive display of poor rolling managed to roll 3 out of 4 1s, the fourth shot penetrating, blowing off the Raider's splinter cannon.

Dark Eldar Turn 4

The immobilized raider and occupants unleashed their salvo into my Hive Guard, putting one wound on one of them.

The mobile Raider's occupants unload on my Tervigon but inflict no wounds.

Tyranids Turn 4
My Devilgaunts continue to hoof it to the rocks and objective. My other spawned squad of gaunts fail their synapse LD roll and lurk their asses into the ruins containing my initially held objective.
My Tervigon continues to charge towards the ruins. 

My Hive guard take another shot at the Immobilized Raider, this time causing it to explode, two kabalite warriors perishing in the ensuing inferno.

Dark Eldar Turn 5

Turn 5 saw Gabe's still-moving Raider swoop in behind the ruins, placing him in a perfect position not to get any shots on my units, which was nice. The surviving occupants of the destroyed raider hop down into the ruins.

The Kabalite's and Homunculus fire on my Hive Guard again, inflicting another wound, killing off one of my HG.

Tyranids Turn 5

Tervigon continues it's charge. Devilgaunts fail synapse LD test and lurk their asses into the boulders, securing another objective. Hive Guard reposition a bit.

Hive Guard fail at shooting, doing nothing to the raider behind the ruins.
Tervigon fires it's cluster spines at the remaining kabalite warriors/Homonculi, scattering far off and almost striking itself.

Gabe rolls, game continues.

Dark Eldar Turn 6

Gabe's forces stay where they are this point. He states that he's aware that he's lost the game but wants to play it out.

All remaining forces pour fire into my hive guard. Inflicting 3 wounds, reducing the brood to one HG with 1 wound.

Tyranids Turn 6

Tervigon continues his mad dash for delicious biomass. My broods of gaunts stand in circles around 3 objectives, chatting it up and generally being bored.

My last HG takes his shots at the Raider behind the ruins, managing to cause it to explode! Three dirty DE are consumed in the flames.

I roll, game continues.

Dark Eldar Turn 7

Gabe's Kabalite's and homunculus fire at my remaining hive guard, failing to cause any wounds.

Tyrnids Turn 7

My Tervigon finally reaches his precious nom-noms. Ripping two Kabalite warriors apart and contesting the fourth objective.

Tyranids Win : 3 Objectives to DEs 0

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1850 Jan 8 Tourney

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I have admittedly been slacking, a lot. I've just finished my Hive Guard which should have otherwise been done weeks ago. Sort of in a painting slump at the moment.

I competed In a local tournament in Pensacola yesterday and had a lot of fun. I came in 4th out of 10 with 2 wins and 1 loss. The top 2 players were running Dark Eldar, and my loss to one of them. My list was as follows :

HQ : Tyrant : Old Adversary, LWhip/Bsword, Armored Shell, Regeneration, TL BL Worm Devourers
         2x Tyrant Guard w/ Lwhips
         Prime : 2x Bone swords, Devourer (Prime was attached to Tyrant and retinue)

Elites : 3x Hive Guard
           3x Hive Guard
           2x Zoanthropes

Troops : 15x Termagants
              15x Termagants
              Tervigon : Catalyst, AG,TS
              Tervigon : Catalyst, AG,TS

Heavy Support : Trygon

Redundancy, A lot of monstrous creatures, and a hell of a lot of toughness 6 models.
I snapped a few photos from each match, and I was keeping track of units lost each turn on my army list sheet...which magically disappeared during my last match. So I'll give a very rough description of what happened in each.

My first match was up against Space Marines. The army was very much geared towards a scout theme. It included Khan(?), Shrike, A lot of bikes, D.naught dropping in via pod. Some snipers. A thunderfire cannon hidden on a board edge, and two speeders with scouts in each.

This was an objective based game. We had 3. One was sitting in the middle ruins. One was inside of my forest on my deployment zone. The third was in his forest on his deployment zone.

I immediately took my right flank and set about securing the center ruins and objective. I left my left brood of hive guard and 15 gaunts within my terrain to secure and hold the objective on my end of the board.

The first two turns mostly included some posturing of my army. My left flank's Tervigon and produced Gaunts  hoofed it over to the left table edge to tie up and take out his thunderfire cannon.

Shrike wasted no time taking wing across the board, seeking out my hive guard. He managed to kill one Hive guard and wound another. My Trygon split off from the rest of my forces to assist. Shrike was killed by the Trygon.

A large combat took place on and around the center terrain piece. My tervigon was killed, as well as a good number of gaunts. With an assist from my HQ unit his primary group of bikers including Khan were killed.

His dreadnought charged some gaunts, which kept it tied up long enough for my Trygon to come from the rear and tear it apart.

On the left side of the board, his outflanking speeder and scouts arrived. The speeder was quickly put down by the hive guard sitting on the objective.

My other Trygon turned around to deal with the scouts, ensuring they didn't contest my held objective. His other speeder came in on the more interesting side of the board. Combined fire managed to finish off my Trygon, which I was using in conjunction with the wasted dreadnought to form an impassable barrier, trying to keep his bikers and speeder from my objective.

My opponent had an opportunity to boost his bikes through the gap created, contesting the middle objective and drawing the game. He could have also just flown the speeder right onto it as well, but luckily for me he didn't see the opportunity.

This game ended 4 points to 1.
2 Points for winning the game. 2 points for killing more than 50% of the army.
My opponent earned 1 point for killing over 25% of my own.

My second game was against the new, sexy Dark Eldar. This game was straight up annihilation with dawn of war deployment. My ass got pretty kicked. First time I've ever been tabled. I didn't snap many pictures of the match, I kept forgetting to, the game had my full attention. :o

My opponent was running with 3 raiders and 1 ravager. Two units of kabalite warriors in 2 of the raiders. His HQ unit (Archon w/ incubi) in the other.

2 squads of wyches, one with Lelith Hespirax in it. A squad of Hellions and a squad of reavers (jetbikes).

This was the board at turn 3. He had a total of 3 raiders and a ravager. The template you see is the webway portal which was put down. His HQ unit was popped out of his ravager during turn 2.

On the left side of the board combined fire from a ravager and raider obliterated my Tervigon in one turn of shooting (This was also a first).

Two squads of Wyches leapt out of the webway portal. One unit which had Lelith in it assaulted and tore apart one squad of my poor gaunts. The other unit went for my HQ unit's throat.

My HQ unit took a good deal of damage from the wyches, but managed to inflict more wounds, seeing the Wyches break and flee (which they continued to do for the remainder of the game). My HQ then charged the unit of Hellions. Breaking them and running them down. My Trygon took out the other Raider, containing a squad of Warriors.

This is where my good times ended. Hespirax's unit arrived and tore the remainder of my HQ unit to shreds. My Trygon nommed up the warrior unit, taking a few wounds during the process. Initiative 5 is obnoxious :|

His HQ unit finished off my Trygon.

Over on the left side of the board my Trygon charged and popped the raider, destroying it. My unit of hive guard shot down the ravager. The Trygon went on to eat up the warriors. The jetbikes tore across the board, ripping a good number of my gaunts asunder in the process. My hive guard shot at the bikes then assaulted them, hoping to tie them up for a few turns.

This was the board at the end of the game. Lelith assaulted my two zoanthropes and did little to nothing in 3 rounds of combat. This had my opponent swearing up and down. Them big ol' brains served them well. I was making their 3+ invul saves over and over. My hive guard got shredded by the remaining squad of wyches, my Tervigon held out for a few rounds. His HQ unit joined the combat, which definitely ended the Tervigon's life. (The Archon also rolled a 6 to wound with some item he had, instakilling the MC and doubling his strength due to it)

The game was fast and intense. It was my first time playing against the DE and It was definitely a learning experience. The next time I face them I'll definitely be castling up, creating a barrier of gaunts to soak up initial assaults with my Trygons and HQ unit ready to counter-assault. I would've fared better if this game was NOT annihilation, also. This prevented me from pumping out any gaunts from my Tervigon (which, in retrospect probably would have prevented me from being tabled, but would have given my opponent A LOT more kill points). The final kill point tally was 10 (DE) to 8 (me)

Game ended with my opponent earning the maximum 6 points for winning the game and wiping out 100% of my army.

I earned 2 points for killing more than half of his. Was very near to 75% :(

The DE player had a few reaver jetbikes remaining. Lelith, some of her wyches, and the HQ unit with a few remaining incubi. Definitely a fun and fast paced game.

My third and final game was against an Imperial Guard army. Very mech heavy expectantly. I'm not very familiar with IG so I'll list what he had to the best of my ability.

He was running three chimeras. Two containing guardsmen, one containing veterans with his commissar(?).
Two squadrons on the right side of the board, with a leman russ in each, the other I don't know. :[
A squad of two basilisks, a small unit of ratlings, and a hellhound as well. He held a valkryie, sentinel and a squad of penal legionnaires in reserve.

This third game was another objective based game, with 3 objectives. Dawn of war deployment. Again I took very few pictures of this game. I'll get better about this in the future. D:

I initially deployed my HQ unit and both Tervigons basically front and center in the middle of the board. I planned to pump out gaunts and rush his tank-line. Tying him up and putting enough hurt on him so that the remainder of my army could take up good positions to pick off what remained. This plan went down pretty much as I expected.

One of my Trygons popped up on the left board edge, where his Basilisks were. This Trygon wrecked. Wrecked so much face (methinks it's the paint job). When my Trygon arrived his Valkryie and Sentinel did as well. My Trygon first took down the Valryie, then both Basilisks in one turn of combat, then the sentinel. He had a total of 3 wounds inflicted to him I believe.

In the center of the board my one of my Tervigons managed to rush and blow up the HQ unit's chimera before being taken down. My HQ unit followed up closely behind, taking out another chimera and a unit of guardsmen. My other Tervigon managed to take out another tank before going down himself. My other Trygon popped on the right side of the board, assaulting one squadron of Leman Russ'. He took one down and immobilized the other.

The remainder of the game basically saw my Hive Guard and zoanthropes taking shots at the remaining armor, killing most of it. My Gaunts held two objectives which were on my side of the board the whole game. His Legionnaires came onto the board, securing one. I won the game 2 objectives to 1.

Came out of that game with 4 points to his 2.

This left me with 10 points, putting me in fourth place. Didn't win anything, but I had a lot of fun. I was glad I got paired up against one of the DE players, mostly for the learning experience. If I had been paired up against a different army in the second game I probably would have placed, though. So whatever. I'm pretty confident that the DE armies were the only ones there that could have beaten me. If I had another shot at them I think I could give them a run for their money If not beat them now that I really know how to react to them.

Sorry again for the scarce number of posts. I'll hopefully be picking up steam again on the painting front. BAI!